Amateur Radio

DXCC499 (Slovenia)
ClassA + CW

My Stats

Grid Squares
Rarest DXCC
#83 most wanted
Furthest QSO
18,360 km

QSO breakdown

By mode
CW - 571
SSB - 1242
FT8 - 1930
FM - 15
FT4 - 6
RTTY - 2
MSK144 - 1
JS8 - 1
By band
160m - 16
80m - 260
60m - 185
40m - 930
30m - 560
20m - 951
17m - 129
15m - 378
12m - 131
10m - 184
6m - 25
4m - 4
2m - 14
70cm - 1
By callsign used
S52KJ - 3672
I4/S52KJ - 65
S52KJ/P - 31
By continent
EU - 3132
AS - 223
AF - 97
NA - 68
SA - 25
OC - 19

Most recent QSO's

Last updated: 2023-09-15T14:35:17.673Z

My radios

Since late june 2023 my primary TRX has been an Icom IC-7300 which is a 100W HF SDR transceiver.

I used to have a Xiegu G90 and an Icom IC-726 before I got the IC-7300. The G90 served me well, but I wanted an upgrade and I wasn't using it for portable operations as much as I thought I would.

For VHF/UHF I use a Icom IC-275H and a Baofeng UV-5RTP which is a cheap 8W handheld radio.

I also have a RTL-SDR v3 which I rarely use.

Portable HF setup
Portable HF setup
Old setup (Xiegu G90 and Icom IC-726)
Old setup (Xiegu G90 and Icom IC-726)

My antennas

Most of my HF antennas are homebrewed. I mostly use a Random wire antenna with a 9:1 unun I made. I also have an 40m off center fed dipole in an inverted V configuration with a dual-core 4:1 current balun I made.

I also have a 1:1 balun I bought that I use for either a 40m Inverted V or a 80m linear loaded Inverted V.

I used to have a 17m, 15m and 10m Inverted V fan dipole but had problems with it and took it down.

I'm planning on making a 9 element yagi for 144 MHz to try meteor scatter.

I'm in the process of testing the Loop on Ground antenna by KK5JY as a receive antenna.

Dual-core 4:1 current balun
Dual-core 4:1 current balun
80m linear loaded dipole
80m linear loaded dipole
17m, 15m and 10m Inverted V fan dipole
17m, 15m and 10m Inverted V fan dipole


I use QRZ's Logbook so confirmations there are instant, but I also very frequently confirm my QSO's via LOTW.

If you want to send me a QSL card, you can send it to my home address or via the bureau. My QRZ page has all the details. If you want my QSL card, please contact me or send a request via OQRS.

I rarely upload my QSO's to eQSL and Clublog.

My QSL card
My QSL card


I try and participate in the larger HF contests like CQWW, CQWPX, IARU HF, etc. I mostly operate from home in the single operator, all band, low power category. I usualy don't compete in digital modes, I prefer CW and SSB.

I like to participate in the Youngsters on the air contest. In 2023 I participated in the 1st round from the Slovenia Contest Club location.

I also participate in the KVP ZRS contests on 80m in which I use my linear loaded dipole.


I sometimes take my radio and antennas with me on hikes and activate summits. I've activated one summit two times so far.

I also do some chasing. Over the weekends I have my Icom IC-275H set on 145.550 MHz to chase any nearby activators.

My first SOTA pack
My first SOTA pack

Other callsigns I used

I've used the callsign S52KJ/P for SOTA activations. I also participated in the 2022 YOTA month with the callsign S50YOTA.