My portfolio website

I created this website to learn Next.js and discover the experimental /app directory. This is also my first time using TailwindCSS. I wanted to create a simple website that I can use to showcase my projects and amateur radio achievements.


Most of the setup was done by following the Next.js tutorial. I used the official TailwindCSS guide to setup TailwindCSS.


To deploy this website, I used Vercel. Setup was easy and I was able to deploy it with my personal domain.
I also added Vercel's analytics to see how many people visit my website and where they come from.


I used MDX to write the content of this website. To display the content, I used Contentlayer.

Inspiration and resources

To create this website, I heavily relied on Lee Robinson's portfolio. With his source code, I found out about Contentlayer and the Metadata definition.

Source code

The source code of this website is available on GitHub